Our Expertise
Our strategy, programming and design teams apply a customer-centric approach to all planning and
creative development. Our specialized capabilities and expertise will take you an all-rounded
approach to optimize the impact of all kinds of digital channels.
A professional and stylish image can win the confidence of your customers in your company. Our team of design architects offers professional designs which are visually stunning and seamlessly functional to help you develop an outstanding corporate brand and image. With our state-of-the-art technologies and profound design experience, we offer:
  • Web and multimedia creative design and implementation
  • Web usability and design guideline
  • Email marketing design
  • Game & mini site production
Our consultation services commence with an assessment of your existing business and market needs. With our solid online experience and expertise in B2C, B2B and B2B2C models, we evaluate how leading-edge technologies can be adapted to your business to achieve the greatest benefits in a cost-effective manner.
    Our solutions include:
  • Social media application and integration
  • Email blasting solution
  • SEO consultation service
  • Online marketing strategy
  • Security audit
  • IT system consultation
Mobile is a viable new way for marketers to interact and engage with customers. It has established as one of the fastest growing marketing channels today. Ever since the app boom, we begin to expand our business to app development and design. Our mobile developers who fully understand the aspirations and expectations of smart phone users will help you optimize the impacts of the mobile marketing to the full extent.
    Our mobile marketing services include:
  • iPhone, iPad, Android Mobile, Android tablet apps development
  • Mobile website
  • Mobile game production
We understand our clients require flexible and robust solutions to cater for the ever-changing needs in a highly competitive business environment. Our team of software engineers can provide solutions from Content Management System to ready-built e-Commerce Solutions to precisely fit your business needs.
    Our solutions include:
  • Application development
  • System integration service
  • Interactive Lucky draw system
  • Ready-built e-Commerce Solutions include Online Payment, e-Shopping Platform, Campaign Management System, Content Management System, System Hosting, etc.